• Contraceptive implants
  • Over 99% effective
  • Inserted into the upper arm where it is out of view
  • Works up to 3 years
  • If a woman wants to become pregnant the device can be removed at any time

How It Works

  • Small implant (size of a matchstick) is placed under the skin of the upper arm
  • Releases small amount of progestin that stops ovaries from releasing egg
  • Must be put in & taken out by a doctor/nurse practitioner


  • Over 99% effective
  • Easy to use
  • Lasts up to three years; can be taken out anytime
  • Quick return to fertility
  • For some women, lighter or no period
  • Forgettable 


  • Does not protect against STDs or HIV
  • Need to take out if woman gets pregnant
  • Possible irregular periods