Three Kinds Of Free Birth Control

We offer the opportunity for a woman to reach her educational, career and life goals without having to handle an unplanned pregnancy.  We empower women by providing them with comprehensive family planning education and access to FREE long acting reversible contraception (LARC).  We will also pay for transportation to and from provider clinic for insertion appointment and any follow up appointments related to successfull placement of LARC.   Call to schedule your appointment today:  865-65-STEP2   (865-657-8372


ASAFET will provide funding for the following methods of contraception: intrauterine devices (hormonal or copper) subdermal implants and quarterly injection. ASAFET will not pay for sterilization, abortion, or methods requiring daily or monthly attention. ASAFET will also not pay for general medical care beyond the procedures unless it is related directly to the insertion or gynecological removal of the contraception.