Our Vision

We hope to increase positive pregnancy outcomes for both the mother and the child, 
lower infant mortality, improve family life and decrease Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) in East Tennessee.


We believe that prevention is the key to breaking the cycle that women can fall into when they have an unintended pregnancy.  We hope to decrease poverty by reducing economic strain and encourage career opportunities before childbirth. 


We provide a means for women to plan each child and every step of her life through education and
long-acting reversible contraception (LARC).


A Step Ahead of East Tennessee:

  • Works to educate women (and men) so they are aware and choose to use the most  effective form of reversible birth control available.  We strongly encourage use of condoms to prevent transmission of STI in addition to any other form of birth control used to prevent pregnancy.
  • We work with providers to ensure that all staff members are educated on the most effective forms of reversible birth control, trained and ready to offer IUDs, Implant or Depo shot.
  • Pays whatever costs aren’t covered by other means - Yes, that's right we pay for LARC of your choice, including STI, pregnancy, follow up visit as well as removal.
  • We provide FREE transportation to and from partnering clinic providers through All Right Taxi.
  • Our scheduling department is here to help you schedule your appointments, arrange transportation and provide you with free reminder calls, emails or text messages.  Call today to schedule your appointment:
    865-65-STEP2    865-657-8372

With control over her destiny, every woman can complete an education, earn more money, have healthier babies, take care of her children, and live life on her terms.

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